What is the diameter of dextran?

The diameter of dextran molecules can vary depending on their molecular weight and the conditions under which they are measured. Dextran is a complex branched polysaccharide made of many glucose molecules. Here are some typical dimensions:

Low Molecular Weight Dextran (e.g., 10,000 Da):
These dextrans typically have a diameter in the range of 1-2 nanometers.

High Molecular Weight Dextran (e.g., 500,000 Da or higher):
These can have diameters in the range of 10-50 nanometers.

The exact size can be influenced by factors such as the degree of branching, the solvent, and the method used for measurement (e.g., light scattering, electron microscopy, or dynamic light scattering).

For more precise applications, specific measurements under defined conditions are needed to determine the exact diameter of a particular dextran sample.