Ubenimex tablets can enhance immunity

Ubenimex is a dipeptide compound thatis separated from theculture medium ofStreptomyces olivetica by Japanese scholar Mezebinfer in 1976.It can competitivelyinhibit aminopeptidase N (APN), enhance the function of T cells, improve the killing activity of NK cells, and comprehensively enhance the body's immunity.

Several clinicalliterature have shown thatUbenimexcan stimulate monocytes and lymphocytes bycombining leucine aminopeptidase on the surface of immune cells, improve the level of immune cell T-cell subpopulations. CD4+T cells can assist and induce immune reaction, while CD8+T cells can damage tissues and organs and destroy the integrity of vascular endothelial cells by activating complement. The two restrict each otherto maintain immune stability together. The decrease of CD4+/CD8+ indicatesthatthe bodysimmune functionis reduced. It was reported in the literature that the CD4+/CD8+ level of patients with combined use ofUbenimex (oral 1 tablet per day, i.e. 30mg) was significantly higher than that of the group withoutUbenimex.It is indicated that when using anUbenimex in combination, it can reduce thedamage effect of other drugs onimmunity, enhance the body's immunity and improve the prognosis of patients.

At the same time,Ubenimex can enhance the killing activity of NK natural killer cells and improve the bodys immunity. AMeta-analysis was conducted on 7 studies, and the results showed that combined use ofUbenimex could improve the NKindicator and enhance the immune function of patients, which was statistically significant compared with the group withoutUbenimex.
Agingcancause T cellsdepletion and thymus degeneration. Delaying, reversing and preventing the decline of normal immune function can delay thedisease of the elderor reduce the severity. In atestof immune function in elderly mice, macrophages were activated, T cell levels were improved, and antibody-dependent cytotoxicity of spleen cells was enhanced by long-term injection of the immunestimulantUbenimex. Ubenimex was proved to be effective in restoring impaired immune function inelderlymice.

APN has beenprovento bethereceptor for several coronaryviruses. Studies have shown that inthehumanbody, coronaryviruses use APN to enter alveolar cells and establish upper respiratory infections. APNcanregulate bioactive peptide responses (pain management, vasopressin release) andaffectimmune function and major biological events (cell proliferation, secretion, invasion, angiogenesis).Ubenimex is an inhibitor of various leucine and arginine aminopeptidase, and one of the most commonly used compounds for its APN inhibition, which can inhibit the active expression of aminopeptidase and block the entry of coronary virus.

Combined with thecontent ofindications and pharmacology and toxicology in the instructions of Ubenimex tablets, ithas beenconfirmed thatUbenimex can enhance the immune function for the elderly with immune deficiency, and also enhance the anti-infection ability of the body, so as to protect the life and health of patients.