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L-Malic Acid is a widely used food additive and ingredient in many countries. For over 10 years, the L-malic acid manufacturer has been supplying high-quality L-Malic Acid to customers from China. In many tart and sour food products, Malic acid is an active component. It can be blended with other ingredients such as sugars, food acids, and high intensity sweeteners to create unique flavors and textures in beverages, sweets, and food. In addition to food, Malic acid is also used in the production of dental and skin care products.

Uses of L-Malic acid

It can be used in various technical applications such as metal cleaning and electroplating. This acid is produced naturally in all fruits and vegetables. It is useful in the preparation of various medical products, such as cough syrups and throat lozenges. In addition, L-Malic acid can be used in the production and application of skin care products and also utilized in various other technical applications, like metal cleaning and textile dying.

Iron dextran manufacturer under GMP control

Dextran is useful in treating patients with iron deficiency and those who have intolerance to oral iron. It can also be used for those who have a hard time tolerating oral iron. After it has been injected, the circulating dextran is taken out of the plasma by the reticuloendothel system. This complex is then split into its components. The iron is bound to the protein moieties that are available to form ferritin or hemosiderin.

Dextran is an intravenous or intramuscular solution of ferric hydroxide. Iron is a vital component of the body, and it plays a vital role in the formation and function of hemoglobin and other compounds. Without adequate iron stores, the erythropoietin levels in the blood can become dangerously low. This drug can be made into a pharmaceutical product by the Dextran GMP manufacturer and then can be marketed to the domestic and international markets.