Inquiries of Dextran from worldwide clients

We, Xi’an Wanlong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, produce 19 APIs at present, which include Dextran series(Iron Dextran 20% Solvent, Iron Dextran 10% Solvent, Dextran 1, Dextran 70, Dextran sulfate sodium salt, Iron dextran 30%, Iron dextran 38%, Dextran 40, Dextran 10, Dextran 5, Dextran 250 ), L-malic acid series(L-malic acid, L-malate sodium) and other APIs(Epalrestat, Moxonidine, Gadodiamide, Ubenimex, Tirofiban Hydrochloride, L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine). Recently, we got some inquiries of Dextran from clients, below are the details:

1. How are you? I am interested in "low molecular weight dextran as APIs".  According to your API products' information, quality standards of dextran 1 and dextran 5 are presented as "In-House(injectable)".  I want to know that dextran 1 and dextran 5 are both "EP grade" or not.  Do you provide "DMFs" of dextran 1 and dextran 5 as APIs for injection? Please send me your reply. Thank you.

2. Dear Sir/Madam, i trust you are doing fine. It is about Dextran 40 inquiry for development. I already sent an email inquiry to sales department. Look forward to your feedback. Best Regards

3. Hello. Would you please me a quote for 5 kg of Dextran 70? Is this material considered USP or compendial?

4. Dear Sir We are trying to find a reputable source for above RMs so may you confirm that you are producing those, if yes share with us the Price, COA and GMP as well confirm if you have a DMF for the product. Thank you

5. Can you please send a representative COA for Dextran 10? Kind regards

6. I am interested in Dextran 70. What is the cost per 1Kg in USD? Who my purchase from you?

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