Clinical application of Compound Dextran 40 Injection in hand and foot surgery

Compound Dextran 40 injection is a blood volume expander, which has a good effect on the treatment of acute hemorrhage, especially for the initial treatment of acute massive hemorrhage. At the same time, it also has obvious effect on the treatment of surgical hypovolemic shock caused by trauma, burn, scald and hemorrhage. In addition, it can also be usedto reduce blood volumeduring surgery and to reduce the risk of complications due to cardiopulmonary bypass during extracorporeal perfusion.

In recent years, more and more surgical diseases related to the hand and foot have been reported at home and abroad. Clinical hand and foot surgery experts and researchers are exploring and looking for better treatment plans, striving to provide better treatment for hand and foot surgery patients, and relieve pain and bring good news to more patients.Relevant studies have shown that after surgical treatment, patients with hand and foot surgery still suffer from various complications and adverse reactions,such as slow blood flow and poor recovery of the affected area, etc., which affect the overall recovery effect of patients.With the rapid development of medical technology, and the continuous efforts and exploration of relevant experts in the field of hand and foot surgical diseases, Compound Dextran 40 Injection has been applied to the surgical treatment of hand and foot, and achieved good clinical therapeutic effect. However, Compound Dextran can cause delayed-type generalized pruritus, so it should bepaid more attention toin the clinical use, special attention should be paid to the risk of patients after medication, and the monitoring of adverse drug reactions should be done well.

Compound Dextran 40 injection is a crystal colloid complex formed by lactated Ringer's and Dextran 40, which is rich in sodium, potassium, calcium and other ions. It is often used clinically for the treatment of hypovolemia during surgery. Compound Dextran 40 plays an important role in expanding blood volume, maintaining water and electrolyte stability, contributing to intraoperative vital signs, hemodynamic stability, and preventing hypotension. In addition, Compound Dextran can absorb tissue water through the action of colloid osmotic pressure, reduce the volume of red blood cells, help to improve microcirculation, and enhance the expansion effect. Studies have found that compound Dextran can help reduce blood viscosity, reduce the risk of thrombosis, and reduce stress responses in elderly patients with high clotting risk.

According to relevant studies, Compound Dextran 40 Injection used in hand and foot surgery can effectively expand the blood vessels of patients, improve blood circulation, and facilitate the recovery of hand and foot affected areas in the later stage. The postoperative recovery is also significantly better than ordinary treatment methods, which is worthy of Clinical promotion and application.