Announcement of Xi'an Wanlong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Carrying out Cleaner Production Audit

In order to improve the company's environmental benefits, economic benefits and reduce pollutant emissions, in accordance with the notice of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment and the Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission on the issuance of the "Shaanxi Provincial Cleaner Production Audit 2021 Annual Work Plan" (Shaanxi Environmental Science and Finance Letter [2021] No. 23), our company will start the cleaner production audit work in an all-round way from the end of May 2022.

In accordance with the requirements of the "Cleaner Production Promotion Law of the People's Republic of China" and the "Cleaner Production Auditing Measures", we now announce to the public the use of raw materials, resources and energy, and pollution discharge before our company's audit. All people are requested to supervise our company's implementation of cleaner production audits.

1.The basic situation of company

1) Company name: Xi’an wanlong pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

2) Legal representative: Chen Qiulin

3)Address: No.2, Yongan Road, Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Industries Demonstration Zone, Shaanxi, China 712100

4) Production scale: 4 API production lines, 2 large injection production lines, 1 small water injection production line, 2 solid FDF production lines, and 1 water extraction production line.

5) Category: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

6) Main Products: FDFs: Ornidazole Capsule, Gatifloxacin Tablet, Mixed Nucleoside Tablet, Ubenimex Capsule, Fexofenadine Hydrochloride Granule, Fexofenadine Hydrochloride Tablet, Epalrestat Tablet, Ubenimex Tablet, Sodium Bicarbonate Ringer's Injection, Sodium Acetate Glucose Injection, L-Alanyl-L-glutamine Injection, Gatifloxacin and Sodium Chloride Injection, Ornidazole and Sodium Chloride Injection, Compound Dextran 40 Injection, Moxifloxacin Glucose Injection, Tirofiban Hydrochloride and Sodium Chloride Injection, Compound Electrolyte Glucose (IV) Injection, Gucixiaotong Capsule, Zaorenanshen Granule, Gujingmaisiha Tablet, Wulongsan Powder and Xiaokeling capsule.

APIs: Ubenimex, L-malic acid, Moxifloxacin Hydrochloride, Tirofiban Hydrochloride, Fexofenadine Hydrochloride, Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride , Sodium Acetate, L-Alanyl-L-glutamine, Ornidazole, Mixed nucleoside, Dextran.

2.Raw materials and resource and energy consumption

The main resources and energy consumed by our company in the production process in 2021 are: 7,805,844 kWh of electricity, 61,787 cubic meters of natural gas, 170,866 tons of water, and 22,357 tons of steam.

3.Sewage before the audit

The company's environmental monitoring report data in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Discharge of Wastewater Pollutants

Monitoring point


Concentration (mg/L)

Total sewage outlet

PH value




Five-day BOD


Ammonia and Nitrogen


Suspended matter


Animal and vegetable oils




Note: The above data comes from the Radio and Television Measurement and Testing (Xi'an)Co., Ltd., the report number: BXA2021030030-17-3. The water pollution discharge standard implements the comprehensive sewage discharge standard GB8978-1996 discharge standard, and the sewage is discharged into the urban sewer water quality standard GB/T31962-2015.

Exhaust Pollutant Emissions

Monitoring point


Quarterly total (tons)

The discharge port of the synthesis area of the workshop 1

Total non-methane hydrocarbons


The exhaust gas discharge port of the workshop 3 laboratory

Total non-methane hydrocarbons


Waste gas discharge outlet of sewage treatment station

Hydrogen sulfide


Concentration of stench




Drying exhaust gas discharge port of the workshop 4

Total non-methane hydrocarbons


Fugitive exhaust gas discharge port of the workshop 4

Total non-methane hydrocarbons


Ventilation discharge port of the workshop 4



Note:The above data comes from the fourth quarter of 2021 emission permit enforcement report.

Hazardous waste discharge in 2021



Annual production (t/a)

Treatment measure

271-003-02 actual production: 4.8842 tons, commissioned transfer 5.64 tons, the previous year's production: 0.7558 tons.

271-002-02actual production: 7.78646tons, commissioned transfer 4.44546tons, storage: 3.341tons.

271-005-02 actual production: 2.86051 tons, commissioned transfer1.361 tons, storage: 1.49951 tons.

271-001-02 actual production: 8.48 tons, commissioned transfer 8.48 tons.

272-005-02 actual production: 3.1996 tons, commissioned transfer 3.2625 tons, the previous year's production: 0.1125 tons, storage: 0.0496 tons.

900-041-49 actual production: 43.00689 tons, commissioned transfer 44.8519 tons, the previous year's production: 1.84501 tons.

900-047-49 actual production: 0.26334 tons, commissioned transfer 0.31914 tons, the previous year's production: 0.0558 tons.

Entrusted to Shaanxi Hongen Plasma Technology Co., Ltd. for disposal.

4.Implementation of environmental risk prevention and control measures in accordance with the law

According to the requirements of documents such as "Interim Measures for the Management of Emergency Plans for Environmental Emergencies", "Administrative Measures for the Filing of Emergency Response Plans for Environmental Emergencies of Enterprises and Institutions", the company regularly prepares and records "Corporate Environmental Emergency Response Plan", and the record code is 610403- 2022-017-M.

The "Corporate Environmental Emergency Response Plan" establishes an environmental risk hidden danger screening and prevention control system, replenishes emergency materials in a timely manner according to daily consumption, and stores them in designated locations. Arrange special personnel for management and inspection to ensure that the facilities and materials are in good condition and effective, and ready to use.

5.Contact information

Auditing company: Xi'an Wanlong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Jing Honggang

Tel: 13991906407

Consulting agency: Xi'an Gaiya Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Song Jinwei

Tel: 13227022116

Xi'an Wanlong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

August 1, 2022